Thursday, August 18, 2016

Are the Knights of Columbus worthy of traditional Catholic men?

Photo-op like DiCaprio
On August 17th, Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, promulgated a Bull (or load thereof) in the form of an editorial published by The Hill.

The editorial is an embarrassing display of both unbridled Americanism and sheer hypocrisy that not only renders a disservice to those individual Knights who embrace neither; it also makes it necessary for such men to reconsider whether or not continued membership in the Order is still warranted.

In his editorial, Anderson takes to task those “Catholic politicians in America” who invoke the Mario Cuomo argument that civil authorities mustn’t “impose their religious beliefs” on the people – thus enabling one to play both sides of the fence on matters of intrinsic evil; e.g., claiming to be faithfully and “personally opposed” to such things as abortion on the one hand, while supporting the same legislatively on the other.

“Such an argument by a Catholic politician was bogus then, and it is untenable now,” Anderson writes.

So far so good, but after arguing that science itself confirms that abortion is the taking of a human life (i.e., it is an objective truth and not simply a “religious belief”), he then goes full bore Americanist  (more...)


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