Friday, August 19, 2016

The New Germany and The Old Nazis

Dr. Hans Globke -- the "eminence gris"

 The New Germany and the Old Nazis
No book documents the failure of the Allies’ de-Nazification policies following World War II better than T. H. Tetens’ The New Germany and the Old Nazis. Building effectively on their plans to go underground, finalized during the latter years of the war, the Third Reich successfully made the transition to “peacetime” governance of  the “new” Federal Republic of  Germany.

Dominating the political,  national security,  judicial and economic hierarchies of the German state, the Third Reich was able to realize goals set by Hitler and completed by his chosen agents in the Federal Republic.

Two long excerpts effectively characterize the dimension of the postwar Nazi success. Himself a Nazi sympathizer and collaborator during the war, [German chancellor Konrad] Adenauer was really a figurehead, with control of the chancellor’s office falling to Dr. Hans Globke. ...

Globke–the “eminence grise” behind “Der Alte” (Adenauer) – was the man who had implemented the Nazi racial laws, under which the Third Reich’s extermination programs were performed. Globke’s real power was such that he screened Adenauer’s mail. (more...)

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