Friday, August 26, 2016

‘Degrassi High’ actor charged with child pornography and bestiality offences in Toronto

TORONTO — A former actor, his partner, and two other women have been charged with various sex and child pornography offences following an eight-month investigation, Toronto police said Thursday.

Jason (Byrd) Dickens, who played a minor role in the TV series “Degrassi High,” and Dylan Anne (Doll) McEwen also face bestiality charges unrelated to children.

“The investigation has resulted in the rescue of children who were not only being sexually abused, but then further exploited by having this abuse permanently captured by the recording of it,” said Insp. Pauline Gray. “We are concerned there may be more victims.”

Police refused to say anything about the numbers or ages of the alleged victims.

The arrests followed a search of a Toronto home and workplace in April in which police say they found evidence a couple was sexually abusing children and animals, and were making images and videos of the child abuse and distributing them online.  (more...)

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