Thursday, July 23, 2015

Understanding opposition to Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum

No joy in Kathleen's riding
Opposition to the revised health and physical education curriculum continues to mount via parent demonstrations, petitions and groups coalescing united in their determination to stop the implementation of the program.

The Canadian Family Alliance, a grassroots family organization that represents people from different religions and a variety of cultural backgrounds, is continuing the fight against what they describe as a radical sex education curriculum.

They are saying “no” to the sexualization of their children. Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government is standing firm and has responded by launching a public relations blitz hoping that better education of the Ontario parent community will quell and appease the concerns voiced by over 200,000 constituents.

I am not confident that the $1.8 million spent on this campaign will be productive. Perhaps this money should have been spent opening up dialogue with citizens and engaging people by building common ground. However, it seems that Premier Wynne has folded her arms and planted herself firmly waiting for September.  (more...)

Leading the charge for the opposition?
Not here, either.

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