Thursday, July 16, 2015

Letter: Teachers, parents have choice to make

To teachers and parents of students in Ontario public schools, the first reference in the Bible to sex between men is in the city of Sodom (about 1900 BC) in Gen.19:5-7. Though not yet forbidden by God, it was well known as wickedness.

About 1500 BC, God forbade men to lie with men as with women. Such behaviour is an abomination.(Lev.18:22) About 1400 BC, men of Gibeah practiced sodomy (Judges 19:22,23) It was known as “wickedness” and “folly.” About 60 AD, the apostle Paul wrote in Romans 1 about men having sex with men and women with women as “dishonouring their own bodies between themselves,” “vile affections,” “that which against nature” and “unseemly.” He teaches that such behaviour results from worshipping and serving the creature rather than the Creator and no one can avoid the divinely ordained consequences of their actions.

In September, under the “Human Development and Sexual Health” portions of the new Health and Physical Education Curriculum, teachers in Ontario public schools are ordered by the Ministry of Education to teach children that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual lifestyles are “acceptable” and to be “positively portrayed” in spite of all that scripture teaches to the contrary. This curriculum teaches sex apart from even a single mention of marriage, love or even commitment.

Thus public school teachers have a costly choice to make. May a host of courageous teachers stand up and say, “We must obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

Obedience to God sometimes requires civil disobedience and the acceptance of the consequences. For Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel chapter 3) the consequence of disobedience to the King’s decree to bow to his image was to be thrown into his fiery furnace. For Daniel (Daniel chapter 6), the consequence of his civil disobedience was to be thrown into a den of lions. But these men were ready to die in order to be faithful to God.

For a host of Ontario public school teachers, the consequences of refusal to teach the new curriculum and promote the LGBT agenda may be to forfeit their jobs. One teacher I know has just decided he will no longer teach in the public school system since he can no longer speak the truth there.

May I encourage you who are counting the cost? I am not urging you to do something which I have not done. Three times in the past I have forfeited my job when such violated convictions of mine. Each time I was the only wage earner in our home and we had no savings on which to depend. The first time we had two children, the second time five and the third time our children were all out of our home. But I assure you that, when we obey God, He is faithful to provide for our needs.

God instructs parents to “Train up a child in the way he should go” (Prov. 22:6) but the Ministry of Education is saying “Train up a child in ways he should not go.” So, parents, you too must choose to obey God or men.

Many more parents than ever before are taking their children from public schools this fall. I would also encourage these from personal experience. When our oldest boys were in Grade 2 and Kindergarten, we took them from public school over a similar but not nearly as great a moral issue. For us that meant the extra expense of enrollment in a Christian school (which we could not afford) and later the cost and responsibility of homeschooling. But the Lord proved Himself faithful in providing all our needs without us having to go into debt. I’ll gladly tell our story to any teacher or parent who is counting the cost re this sex ed curriculum.

I’m praying for teachers and parents to obey and trust God. He blesses costly obedience. (II Chronicles 16:9)

Bruce Woodford, Norwich

Source: Norwich Gazette


H/T to Parents as First Educators


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