Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Child Sex Ring Around Westminster’s Neck

Imagine a pedophile ring that, for years, abused and tormented young boys and girls at a string of VIP brothels. Then imagine that the members of this group were politicians, intelligence officers, diplomats, high-ranking police officers, and prominent civil servants. That this was, in other words, a pedophile ring at the very heart of power, operating with what appears, thanks to 30 years of thwarted investigations and cover-ups, something approaching impunity.

Then imagine that, in addition to what must, appallingly, be considered mere commonplace sexual abuse, it is alleged that this ring was responsible for the deaths — the murders, that is — of at least three teenage children. And no one has yet been prosecuted for playing a part in these alleged offenses.

This might sound like the premise for the next season of a gothic horror story like True Detective. It is, in fact, the long-festering, shattering, scandal that today haunts Westminster and the British government. Most, though not all, of those accused are now dead but the mere thought that powerful interests might have used their influence to thwart justice despite being accused of horrific crimes remains almost too hard to bear. Until recently it might have been thought the preserve of lurid fiction or paranoid conspiracy theory.  (more...)

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