Tuesday, July 14, 2015

13-year-old girl’s case shows how the abortion industry covers for child rapists

WINNIPEG, July 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A Manitoba MP is calling for an investigation into why abortionists here did not notify police while twice performing abortions on a girl by the time she turned 13, that might have prevented her subsequent, repeated rape by her stepfather.

Joy Smith, the Conservative MP for St. Paul-Kildonan, told LifeSiteNews that staff at the abortion clinic or hospital where the abortions on the unnamed girl’s unborn children were performed “absolutely ought to be investigated. They are jointly responsible for whatever happened to her after the first abortion.”

Mary Ellen Douglas of Campaign Life Coalition agreed that “there should be an investigation on why they didn’t report the girl to social services, as required by law when a minor is believed to be at risk of sexual assault.”

“These are children. They are not protected before birth and they are not protected after. If this girl had been referred to child protection services her unborn children might have been saved and the assaults stopped,” said Douglas.

U.S. investigators told LifeSiteNews that abortion clinic staff routinely help predators secure abortions for their underaged victims by providing abortions without reporting obviously suspicious circumstances of coerced sex.  (more...)

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