Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ontario's sex "education" curriculum: other schools and boards should respond like PCA

On June 4, as reported in The Quill the school's newsletter, People's Christian Academy held a seminar on the new sex "education" curriculum. School administrators wanted to address parental concerns about the new and controversial Health and Physical Education document that contains the radical sex "education" that is to be implemented in all Ontario schools this fall. The seminar was presented by educational consultant Mrs. Kerry Wilson. According to the article, she covered a number of topics including the content of the program, the matter of parental choice and the integration of liberal thinking in the public school curricula.

Drawing on her years as educator and her research on the topic, Mrs. Wilson said that a secularist worldview has influenced Ontario’s education system. She commented on the aggressive agenda of the LGBT issues. She said, “We . . . believe that all people have a responsibility to honour and respect others, regardless of differences. We do not accept, however, that to hold to the belief that the LGBT lifestyle is less than God’s best for His creation is a form of bullying or hate, and we stand against the efforts of the public school system to dismantle the biblical perspective on human sexuality through mandatory programming and curricular expectations.”  (more...)

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