Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saskatchewan teachers increasingly the subject of disciplinary hearings

SASKATOON – School may be out for the summer but the fate of a number of teachers hangs in the balance. These are Saskatchewan teachers accused of professional misconduct and there are more of them than in years previous.

“It’s not good, it’s probably the problems were there before but may be just now are being dealt with,” said one Saskatonian we stopped on the street to review the numbers with.

According to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) there have been eight professional disciplinary hearings held to-date this year. Four times the amount of hearings than were held all of last year and three more than in 2013.

Other parents expressed the same concern and said they hold teachers to a higher standard. Expecting that when they send their child to school, they are safe and their teacher will protect them.  (more...)

So, what are the numbers in Ontario?

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