Monday, December 16, 2013

Gravy train rolls through the TDSB

Clearly, whenever we talk about the “gravy train” in Toronto, we now have to include the Toronto District School Board.

In a 54-page report last week, auditors Ernst and Young exposed what can only be described as a blatant disrespect for rules and procedures by some TDSB employees and school trustees.

The report shows a board rife with nepotism, overspending, and fear-mongering.

The TDSB allowed 79% of transactions from the previous Director’s Office to be awarded without a competitive bid process. Almost half of all other contracts — 45% — were awarded without the required public tendering.

Approximately 30% of trustee expense claims were found to be potentially ineligible and trustees failed to declare conflicts of interests in cases where it was clearly required.

The worst finding, however, is that a “culture of fear” permeates the TDSB, with staff afraid to call attention to problems for fear of retribution by higher ups.  (more...)

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