Friday, December 13, 2013

Sex Trafficking in Your Backyard

News of mothers selling their pre-adolescent daughters into sex slavery cannot help but raise the ire of concerned people around the world. The stories out of Svay Pak, Cambodia are heartbreaking, with a large percentage of 8-12 year olds being farmed out to “sex tourists” and young virgins being rented out for the weekend to the highest rapist bidder.

Many may glance at this news story and decide its too disturbing to read, others will empathize with these victims and wonder what they can do, and some will decide to donate to a charitable organization that helps rehabilitate these victims, some as young as age four. Yet, for most of us, Cambodia is very far away and it is easy to peg sex trafficking as a foreign problem. Sadly, this horrific crime is also in your backyard.  (more...)

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