Friday, December 13, 2013

TDSB Fundraising For A Documentary On Tranny Activist Teacher Lee Hicks

Lee Hicks (not in the suit)
Remember Lee Hicks?  He/she was the TDSB teacher who dragged his/her Grade 3 class to an anti-oil protest.  Later, it was discovered that he/she had published a curriculum guide for classroom use, which encouraged kindergarten students to crossdress.  He/she puts up crossdressing posters on his/her classroom wall and sells these posters to other teachers.  He/she has even got his/her Grade 1 class to draw pictures of boys crossdressing.

Well apparently Lee Hicks used to be Heather Hicks.  And he/she teaches about his/her sex-change experience to his/her class.  And now there is going to be a documentary about him/her.  (more...)

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