Thursday, December 19, 2013

Socialist Studies: TDSB School May Discontinue "Dress In Drag Day" After "Hate Speech And Slander" From Bloggers

Article has been taken down but you can see the cached page here:

Inglenook Community High School sparks controversy over its annual Dress in Drag Day event. An event where students voluntarily attend school in attire of their opposite gender. Inglenook is a school that describes itself as a, “small, friendly, alternative community high school with a family-like atmosphere,” they only offer courses in grade 11 and 12, and has an average of one hundred students at any given time. 
This year however, Inglenook garnered more attention than normal due to the event. Multiple blogs began posting photos of underage students, along with hate speech and slander, angered at the notion that a TDSB school would host such an event.  (more...)

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