Monday, February 6, 2023

U.S. Military Out To Force Ibero-America into NATO’s Global Wars


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At the outset of 2023, the U.S. military opened a new phase in its drive to conscript the nations of Ibero-America and the Caribbean into Global NATO’s fool’s errand of militarily crushing the nations of Russia and China. The change was signaled by U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute professor and resident expert on Ibero-American-Chinese relations, Robert Evan Ellis, in an explosive Jan. 13 article titled “The Strategic Role of Latin America in a Global Conflict Over Taiwan.”

It was already public knowledge that the primary concern today of U.S. military policy in this region is to deny its southern neighbors the right to develop their natural, infrastructural, and scientific resources as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and/or with the help of Russia, because those resources are to be for the exclusive use of the United States in its two-front war against Russia and China. Gen. Laura J. Richardson, head of the U.S. Southern Command, which is responsible for U.S. military operations in this region, spoke with exceptionally brazen enthusiasm of that resource-grab policy last July, at the Aspen Institute Forum.

What is new in Ellis’s piece, is its premise: that because the U.S. is likely to be at war with China by as soon as 2027, and because that war will be a global one, it is therefore “imperative” for leaders of Ibero-America and the Caribbean to “anticipate” and clarify where they stand in that coming conflict. U.S. military planners must likewise “anticipate” and treat all existing or planned Chinese projects, companies, diplomats and even people-to-people contacts in the region as enemy outposts preparing for that intended war.

Six days after the publication of Ellis’s piece, Gen. Richardson made clear that Ellis’s paper is not some wild-eyed policy cooked up by a lone fool. In a presentation given, appropriately enough, to NATO’s lead war-policy think-tank in Washington, the Atlantic Council, Richardson laid out elements of the strategy to subjugate the militaries of Ibero-America and the Caribbean under Global NATO—with the U.S. military’s “great relationship” with Ukraine’s military held up as a model for that transformation, no less.  (more...)

U.S. Military Out To Force Ibero-America into NATO’s Global Wars

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