Friday, February 3, 2023

The Gouzenko Hoax That Unleashed the Cold War


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Today, a vast array of citizens living in the Trans Atlantic community are being led to believe that the enemy of the free world who lurks behind every conspiracy to overthrow western governments and undermine “liberal values” is…China.

While the left has been fed with four years of propaganda designed to convince them that the enemy of the west has taken the form of the Kremlin, the conservative consumers of media have been fed with the narrative that the enemy is China.

The reality is that both Russia and China together have a bond of principled survival upon which the entire multipolar order is based. It is this alliance which the actual controllers of today’s empire wish to both destroy and ensure no western nation joins… especially not the USA.

Every day we read that secret lists of millions of Chinese communist party members have infiltrated western national governments or that espionage honey pots have targeted anti-Trump politicans in California, or that Chinese military are conducting operations in Canada, or that China intentionally created COVID-19 and deployed it around the world to subvert the western liberal order.

Among the most destructive of these conspiracies orchestrated by British Intelligence during the past century was the artificial creation of the Cold War which destroyed the hopes for a multipolar world of win-win collaboration guided by a U.S.-China-Russia alliance as envisioned by FDR and Henry Wallace.

When reviewing how this perversion of history was manufactured, it is important to hold firmly in mind the parallels to the current anti-China/anti-Russian operations now underway.  (more...)

The Gouzenko Hoax That Unleashed the Cold War

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