Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Media is the Virus


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In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich together with Meredith Miller, holistic coach, author, speaker and Prof. Dr. jur. Martin Schwab, lawyer, university lecturer shed light on the power of the media and their various propaganda methods, their effects on the perception of reality of people, groups and societies. 

Meredith Miller uses the example of the corona narrative to show the parallels to manipulative and assaultive techniques by means of so-called "gaslightning", for example in toxic relationships. Here, emotional and subtle violence is used to confuse the victim and destroy his or her self-perception, so that the victim complies with everything the perpetrator wants and even shows solidarity. This behavioral disorder is called "Stockholm syndrome" in psychology. Who becomes a victim of such psychological tricks, and why do such manipulation attempts roll off on other people? Who becomes a perpetrator and how does such evil behavior occur, which always purposefully undermines the integrity and self-worth of the victim? How can we protect ourselves from it?

Prof. Martin Schwab reports on the targeted framing by the media, e.g. by the self-proclaimed fact-checkers, who discredit people with differentiated opinions, viewpoints and knowledge that do not conform to the predetermined government opinion and destroy both their reputation and their professional careers. He explains why the judiciary, despite its required neutrality, nevertheless also falls victim to such, often illogical and absurd media propaganda and deliberately created word creations that have no (legal) basis and are obviously capable of clouding common sense. 

Let us never be deterred from sharing our opinions peacefully and on democratic legal grounds, from revealing truths, and let us be an example to others who are gradually realizing. Let us stay awake, it is not (yet) over!

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