Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Poland Now Angling to Become Washington’s ‘Most Reliable Partner’ in Europe


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The Ukraine conflict is a the gift that keeps on giving, as it defies all preconceived notions of what passes for “European unity” today.

Not content with revealing to the whole world the utter moral decay of a European political class incapable to remotely stand up to the US and preserve the interests of its own populations, the very unity of the EU now threatens to unravel at the seams.

It’s no coincidence that US President Joe Biden ended his wartime photo-op tour in Warsaw, Poland – after appearing just days before alongside Ukrainian President Zelensky in the western media’s ‘war zone’ theme park in Kiev. Speaking in front of an ominous and dark backdrop, Biden delivered angry, almost menacing address, imploring Poland and Europe to continue ploughing weapons and other ‘support’ into Ukraine in order to wage an open-ended war against Russia.

Ironically, the recent revelations published by American famed investigative journalist Seymour HERSH bearing on the identity of the authors behind the explosions of Nordstream 2 might have played the role of an accelerator in widening the cracks within the increasingly fragile BRUSSELS coalition.

It all began back in September of last year when the main energy lifeline to Europe’s shaky economic prospects, the Nordstream pipelines connecting Germany and Russia, was attacked in a series of underwater explosions which everybody was quick to attribute to (you guessed it) Russia.

The reflexive nature in which the western mainstream media moved to blame Russia for blowing-up its own key energy infrastructure, was as strong indicator as any that the western politicians and their media agents had summarily closed ranks on the story, and that a wide-scale cover-up was under way.

While any attack on a major Russian asset by the West should be considered a major cause of concern, the other half of the conclusion from Hersh’s bombshell report is perhaps even more shocking: the United States and its NATO allies have attacked the essential energy infrastructure of a fellow NATO member Germany – a radical move which could irrevocably alter the relationship between the US, NATO, and its now contentious ally Germany. 

About the same time (and while on the whole underreported by the media), the Polish (nationalist) government of Mateusz Morawiecki decided via its Foreign Ministry to send the government of Germany a diplomatic note bearing on a renewed request for war (World War II) reparations.  (more...)

Poland Now Angling to Become Washington’s ‘Most Reliable Partner’ in Europe

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