Wednesday, March 1, 2023

US senator threatens Brazil with ‘crippling sanctions’


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Washington should sanction everyone having anything to do with the visit of two Iranian warships to Brazil, Senator Ted Cruz said on Tuesday, declaring the visit “a direct threat to the safety and security of Americans.”

The Iranian Navy frigate Dena and the supply ship Makran are on a mission to sail around the world. They arrived in Brazil on Sunday, intending to resupply before proceeding to the Panama Canal. The US has previously demanded Brazil refuses them permission to dock, citing unilateral American sanctions against Tehran.

These Iranian warships are already sanctioned, and so the port in Rio de Janeiro where they docked is now at risk of crippling sanctions, as are any Brazilian companies that provided them services or accepted payments – and so are all foreign companies that entangle themselves with the port or those Brazilian companies in the future,” Cruz said in a statement.

Insisting that US anti-terrorism laws are “not optional,” the senator called on President Joe Biden to “impose relevant sanctions” and re-evaluate whether Brasilia is adequately cooperating with Washington. “If the administration does not, Congress should force them to do so.”  (more...)

US senator threatens Brazil with ‘crippling sanctions’


Brazil ignores US demands

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