Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The scandal that could sink Vienna’s cultural elite


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The shocking child porn case of the actor Florian Teichtmeister burdens the entire swamp of left-leaning Viennese cultural celebrities who had covered up and condoned the crimes. But they could not keep the lid on his heinous activities.

Teichtmeister (43) who played a TV detective, has also been caught consuming cocaine.

During a drug raid in the TV inspector’s apartment, the officers seized his cell phone, according to Der Standard. Initially however, there was nothing criminal found on it, because everything had been deleted. But after a more detailed analysis, the investigators discovered the first images of sexually abused children. The real colleagues of the television commissioner were somewhat better trained than their colleague in the ORF series.

Allegations against Teichtmeister were known at the ORF for 14 months. Despite that, the actor and collector of child porn had remained a member of the ensemble of the Burgtheater, financed by taxpayers, and was also able to take on other major roles in important film productions while his whole entourage knew about his crimes.

Then it all happened in quick succession: Teichtmeister is said to have collected a total of 22 files with 58 000 depictions of sexually abused children over the past 13 years – according to his lawyer, he had also confessed.

While public broadcaster ORF took the allegations against the state-paid darling of the Viennese cultural scene seriously in autumn 2021 and banned Teichtmeister from the well-known crime series Die Toten von Salzburg, apparently neither his employer the Burgtheater was informed nor the Ministry of Culture.

Instead, taxpayers actually took care of the maintenance of the child porn collector for a further 14 months, and Teichtmeister remained a member of the Burgtheater ensemble until last week. Such is the life of a leftist cultural icon in Vienna.  (more...)

The scandal that could sink Vienna’s cultural elite

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