Sunday, January 8, 2023

Random Murder on the Toronto Transit System (TTC)


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This episode takes us to the city of Toronto, Ontario

More specifically it take us onto the many trains, buses and street cars that rumble their way around it.

The TTC, or the Toronto Transit Commission, is the public transit system that services Toronto's diverse population. Using a mix of subways, buses, and street cars the TTC is Canada's largest public transit system. 

With nearly 2 million riders a day, the TTC serves as the setting for many of life’s events; babies born onboard, the first moments of countless love stories, and of course there is murder… and that's what we will be discussing. 

In this episode of Nighttime, I'll be joined by Canadian Crime video creator Madelayne Klein to discuss four stories of random, unprovoked Murder on the Toronto Transit System.

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