Thursday, January 26, 2023

Race against the clock for Germany's top Nazi hunter


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LUDWIGSBURG — Germany’s top Nazi hunter, Thomas Will, is hopeful of securing further convictions over the Holocaust even as the remaining suspects, many now in their late 90s, die.

Will told Reuters that he has handed over five cases to local prosecutors in Germany that he believes still have a chance of going to trial.

“Murder is not subject to a statute of limitations. So as long as perpetrators are still alive, we will pursue the cases,” he said from his office outside Stuttgart in southwestern Germany.

Will heads Germany’s Central Office of State Judicial Authorities for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes. In 2015, German justice ministers agreed it should keep operating “as long as there are prosecution tasks to fulfill.” Will said its work sends the signal to anyone committing such acts today that they will never be off the hook.

As survivors of the Holocaust die, there are fears that knowledge of the genocide of six million European Jews across German-occupied Europe could decline or be denied. Continuing convictions highlight the crimes that took place.  (more...)

Race against the clock for Germany's top Nazi hunter

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