Friday, January 13, 2023

How the World’s Nazi Movement Relocated From Berlin to Washington


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Nazism is a form of imperialism. In my decades-long study of billionaires and of imperialism, I’ve never yet come across a billionaire anywhere who has been anti-imperialist. Some are conservative, and some are liberal, but all of them have been pro-imperialist. Britain’s Guardian newspaper, which used to be progressive (something that no billionaire actually is), got taken over (such as is shown in this), around a decade ago, by liberal billionaires — by Democratic Party U.S. billionaires, and by Labour Party UK billionaires — and it even goes so far as to publish (as being a propaganda-asset of the liberal billionaires who now control it) on 6 July 2018, an article about the world’s most famous imperialist, the American billionaire George Soros, alleging him to advocate that the “American empire, and the alienations of contemporary capitalism would be things of the past.” What a bad joke that is. The major difference between German imperialism of the 1930s (Nazism) and American imperialism after WW II, has been that the latter displays vastly more sophisticated propaganda-techniques, and is consequently far more hypocritical, not nearly so bold and forthright in the propaganda for its many aggressions (‘for democracy and human rights’) as Hitler’s Nazi Party (which openly despised both) was. Before this takeover by billionaires occurred, that newspaper published on 28 March 2007 an importantly informative and honest op-ed by Bruni de la Motte, “East Germany did face up to its Nazi past: The west’s demonisation of communism has led to a distortion of history”, which would hardly be publishable anywhere in the U.S.-and-allied sphere today. It pointed out that West Germany (the part of Germany that the U.S. had controlled during 1945-1991 while the Soviets controlled Eastern Germany) didn’t face up to its Nazi past.   (more...)

How the World’s Nazi Movement Relocated From Berlin to Washington

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