Thursday, December 8, 2022

Balenciaga creative-director is Ambassador for Zelensky's United24 fundraiser


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The normalization of Nazis by fashion moguls, astronauts and academics

The Creative Director of controversial Balenciaga fashion emporium is an Ambassador for United24 a fundraising platform recently established by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

An ad campaign run by the fashion house in November featured children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage costumes. The images taken by photographer Gabriele Galimberti included teddy bear handbags dressed in fishnet stockings and with bondage leather straps. A backlash ensued in which Balenciaga was accused of promoting child pornography and pedophilia.

“In one photo, court documentation can be seen on the desk where the Balenciaga bag is placed from the 2008 case titled United States vs. Williams. The controversial case ruled that the "pandering" of child pornography did not violate the First Amendment even if the person charged with such an offense did already possess said pornography to trade.”

Thousands of social media pundits said the gift campaign was “inappropriate” and normalized child sexualization. An apology was issued by Demna Gvasalia, the Balenciaga Creative Director now Ambassador for the United24 fundraiser for Nazi militia backed by NATO.

The potential Balenciaga Nazi-links go further back than collaboration with the ultra-nationalist organized crime cartel in Ukraine. Balenciaga was founded in 1919 by renowned Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga in San Sebastian, Spain. The headquarters are now located in Paris.

During WW2 Balenciaga was able to keep operating during the Vichy-facilitated Nazi occupation while many other fashion houses were forced to shut down and cease trading. It is rumored that Balenciaga had close ties to Spain’s General Francisco Franco who was one of Hitler’s allies in Europe.  (more...)

Balenciaga creative-director is Ambassador for Zelensky's United24 fundraiser

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