Saturday, December 31, 2022

Bolshoi: Pas-de-Brazil. Brazil’s Bolshoi Theatre School turns favela kids into ballet stars


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The Bolshoi Ballet is probably the world’s leading dance company with two schools forging future ballet stars. One is in Moscow, and the other is in faraway Brazil! The Bolshoi ballet school in the remote city of Joinville was conceived as a grand social project for deprived children. Pupils, who are mostly from low-income families, train in a rigorous eight-year programme for free so they can get out of poverty and perform professionally.

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  1. Beautiful video, wonderful stories, and how lovely to see children and young people be lifted up by culture and art. Doesn't the world need more of this. It seems as if even if they don't get to dance where they would like, their lives are better for the experience. Why can't nations do more to lift people out of poverty by helping them improve themselves. All the money spent...