Saturday, December 3, 2022

I exposed Nazis — I know it’s time to call out Trump


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A long time ago, when I was an investigative reporter, I hunted Nazis.

They were living out the twilight of their lives in Canada, enjoying a quiet, comfortable retirement with a government pension, to boot.

I made it a priority to find them and make their agreeable lives decidedly less agreeable. It was my modest way of ensuring that these murderers were held to some measure of account for the monstrous crimes they perpetrated – mostly against Jewish families.

I remember one Nazi, in particular. His name was Josef Nemsila. He was a Slovakian Nazi who helped round up the country’s 100,000 Jews for deportation to death camps.

I discovered that he lived alone behind a chiropractor’s office just outside Toronto. The war criminal wasn’t home when I knocked. So, I waited. Later, a small man with a shock of wispy white hair and wearing a white trench coat came ambling down a busy street, pulling a grocery cart behind him.

“Mr Nemsila,” I called out. “Yes,” he replied. I got him. I asked Nemsila whether “the Jews” were responsible for his legal troubles and possible deportation.

The question was meant to provoke. It worked. Nemsila unleashed a gusher of bigotry and viciousness that still burned like a seething cauldron inside the Nazi’s diseased heart and soul.  (more...)

I exposed Nazis — I know it’s time to call out Trump

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