Monday, December 19, 2022

On Western Support for Nazism


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It would be obvious and widely accepted that we in the West are responsible for the rebirth and growth of Nazism, if the truth was a staple in our cultural diets.

Beneath veils of distractions and obfuscations, for example, the Canadian government has a long history of quietly supporting Nazism.

Drawing false equivalencies between the USSR and Nazi Germany furthers the support for Nazism, which, through such operations, is being whitewashed. Canada voted against a UN initiative condemning the glorification of Nazism.

Russia is combating the cancer of Nazism and NATO expansionism in Ukraine, whereas the West seeks to fight “to the last Ukrainian” as it uses Ukrainians, and Nazism, as proxies against Russia.

Largely censored and forgotten, Washington is behind the Nazi-infested coup that overturned the elected Ukrainian government in 2014. This was followed by about eight years of genocide in which Nazi battalions bombed Eastern Ukrainian (Russian-speaking) civilians and civilian infrastructure.  (more...)

On Western Support for Nazism

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