Sunday, April 3, 2022

International Fascism: Foundations & Psychological Warfare


International Fascism psychological warfare racism colonialism xenophobia hate MK-ULTRA propaganda CNP Nazi Reagan

Powell memo, Lewis F. Powell Jr., crisis of capitalism, Council on Foreign Relations, "New Right," Richard Mellon Scaife, Koch family, Coors family, Smith Richardson family Bradley family, Olin family, donors network, 1980s, Council for National Policy, Paul Weyrich, Heritage Foundation, Pioneer Fund, eugenics, Bell Curve, Institute for American Strategy, Frank Barnett, MK-ULTRA, psychological warfare, Edward Lansdale, social science, behavioral science, ARPA, predictive modeling, anthology, CIA, Pentagon, special operations forces, Project Camelot, Special Operations Research Office, National Security Council, Reagan, Reaganism, Reagan connections to Nazism, clerical fascism, Dominionism in the CNP, Calvinism,  ALEC, anti-immigration movement, English first movement, critical race theory, militia movement, gun rights movement, sheriff supremacy, Fourth Generation Warfare, succession

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