Friday, April 22, 2022

Stinking against Putin: German Federal Network Agency calls for no showers


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It is an old demand in a new guise: The Ukraine war has become the excuse for renunciation sermons; before that it was “climate protection”. In fact, the demand is just another way for the state to dictate private conduct down to the last detail.

State ideologues increasingly interfere in the private lives of citizens, with mainstream media now actively promoting not showering.

In West German Idiotstan, the view dominates that cuts in electricity, fuel and gas will weaken President Vladimir Putin and win the war. These are previous unpopular Green demands, which are now to be implemented through the back door, taking advantage of the media-fuelled Ukraine storm of indignation: speed limits on motorways, meat renunciation, demonization of the family home and reducing gas consumption by doing without personal hygiene.

Klaus Müller, the new President of the Federal Network Agency, on RTL called on Germans to give up hot showers. “The question of whether you actually still have to take a warm shower seven times a week – with a gas heater – you should ask yourself if it’s feasible.”

German tabloid Bild published an article coinciding with these statements alleging that “after a while, the skin can be cleaned on its own, without washing”.

But that’s not all: Germans will have to dial down the heating in their homes if they don’t want to be pilloried as “Putin supporters”.  (more...)

Stinking against Putin: German Federal Network Agency calls for no showers


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