Sunday, April 24, 2022

Guru Deception, New World One Religion, Harmful Yoga, Quantum Healing


New Age One World Religion WEF Great Reset New Normal Yoga yoking New World Order totalitarianism Luciferianism Satanism

Joining us for this week’s Empower Hour is Alan Strudwick. Alan was immersed in the New Age movement for 20 years and even became a top leader, speaking at engagements around the world. He also got invited to secret meetings with gurus and prominent New Age leaders, where he discovered the strategies and plans of the New Age Movement: to take over the planet and create a One World Religion in alignment with the One World Order.

In his book, “Authentic Awakening“, Alan tells the story of his conversion from a high-ranking New Age Leader to a passionate disciple of Jesus. Alan exposes Satan’s strategy to infiltrate the church, and equips you with tools to resist the Devil’s schemes.

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