Sunday, December 12, 2021

Whose God does Pat Robertson serve?


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The recent, right-wing political ruckuses stirred up by TV’s Reverend “Diamond Pat” Robertson, and by those “Elmer Gantrys” harvesting the highly lucrative rallies of the “Promise Keepers,” are not merely a key part of the “soft money,” sleaze-ball operations which President Clinton’s enemies are presently deploying for the 1997-2000 elections. Such predatory cults typify a dangerous abuse of the name of religion. Investigation has shown, that not only are these cults a fraud upon their principal victims, their supporters, who have been misled into believing that these are Christian organizations. Investigation has shown, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the most prominent among these cults serve a foreign power, a power which is, today, once again, the leading strategic threat to the U.S.A...

Our nation’s present, mortal adversary, that foreign power, is the veritable “Addams family” of international politics, nasty Queen Elizabeth II’s British monarchy. That monarchy is once again, as in the time of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Harding, openly threatening the continued sovereign existence of the U.S.A.

These cults, typified by the case of Robertson and the mercenaries controlling “Promise Keepers,” are run, from behind the curtain, as subversive operations of the highest administrative agency of the British state, the Privy Council. They are part of an international intelligence operation directed by the highest-ranking department of that Privy Council, the Church of England. These operations are conducted, most notably, under the cover of the international apparatus of the Church of England, known as the Anglican Communion, which operates through such covers as the paganist, “one-worldist,” World Council of Churches.

This efflorescence of wildly irrationalist varieties of highly politicized, nominally Protestant, “right wing” sects,  is complemented by overtly gnostic cults spread among nominal U.S. Catholics, that typified by the satanic rhythms of “rock masses” and by the proliferation of neo-Manicheans such as U.S. Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and Michael Novak. As these cases, of Scalia and Novak, illustrate the fact, the nominally Catholic varieties of gnostic  cults, are run, in significant part, through British intelligence’s Mont Pelerin Society operations, including such U.S. subsidiaries of the late Friedrich von Hayek’s Mont Pelerin Society, as the London-directed, Washington-based Heritage Foundation.

In nominally Protestant and Catholic varieties of such gnostic, “free trade”-oriented, politically neo-conservative cults, there is, often, also a strong influence from the tutti-frutti “New Religions” projects of a U.S. organization, the highly-secretive, behind-the-curtains, “family jewels” association known as the American Family Foundation. Among nominally Protestant varieties of these cults, as rooted in the early development of what emerged as the Promise Keepers, there are highly indicative bits and pieces of the degrading sex myths of Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich thrown in. Sinclair Lewis’s “Elmer Gantry” would have understood the nature of the latter interest.

The historian, witnessing this sordid politico-religious putrescence, is reminded of the circumstances in which kindred mass-insanities, such as the Flagellant cults, pervaded the European landscape,during Europe’s Fourteenth-Century “New Dark Age.” What is overtaking European culture as a whole, today, is a calamitous spectacle echoing what is depicted in the relevant paintings of Pieter Brueghel the Younger, or of Hieronymous Bosch, or, in literature, Johann Goethe’s Faustian vision of Walpurgis night. It is a spectacle of the type which, in known history, comes to the surface of a culture, only when that society, like Biblical Belshazzar’s Babylon, has lost, or nearly lost, its moral fitness to survive.

Since this is a political-intelligence matter, in this location I shall sharply limit our attention to Biblical text, chiefly to a  few unavoidable references, such as Genesis 1:26-30 and the authority of the Apostles John and Paul. That is in keeping with the subject of this present report: the hostile use of religious covers by a foreign power. The issue here, is that power’s openly stated intent to subvert, and perhaps to destroy our sovereign constitutional republic, that by aid of a wicked abuse of religious belief.  (more...)

Whose God does Pat Robertson serve?

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