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The Club of Rome attempt to take over the Vatican


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On Dec. 27 of last year , at 1 2: 10 p.m. , Pope John Paul II met in the Roman jail of Rebibbia the man who, two-and-a-half years earlier, had attempted and almost succeeded in assassinating him, Ali Agca. That encounter signaled a shift in Vatican policy; it was clear, among the most watchful circles, that it was no pastoral visit of the Pope to Agca: To the prisoners of Rebibbia, the Pope had brought a new year's gift, the message of the International Day of Peace , an appeal to overcome the politics of force and hegemonic blocs, and the relaunching of East -West dialogue. For this he had wanted to meet Ali Agca and renew his pardon to him. It was said that the Pope had dispatched a dove from the cell of his would be assassin, toward the Kremlin. In effect, the Pope had already expressed his pardon to the Turk, several times and in a definitive manner . The meeting at Rebibbia could have but one meaning, expressed by the victim in person, who at the same time is the highest authority of the Catholic Church: that the Vatican was dropping the "Bulgarian Connection."

The meeting had been preceded by certain suspicious and very significant events in the development of the trials of the key figures in the "Bulgarian Connection" to the attempted assassination: The Syrian Arsan, at the center of the crossroads of arms smuggling between Bulgaria, Italy, and the Middle East, a key pawn in the investigations, had suddenly died, and a similar fate seems to have overtaken the Turk Bekir Celerik, an adventurer based in Sofia, and an important component of the Bulgarian Track. With Sergei Antonov, the employee of Bulgarian Airlines and Agca's suspected accomplice, released from jail and house arrest, nothing remained of the Bulgarian Connection.

The face of John Paul II in the few photographs released from his meeting with Agca shows a person marked by profound anguish. What has happened to the Pope? Analyzing the three years of his pontificate, we have asked ourselves what have been the causes which have transformed the doctrinally solid Pope of the Laborem Exercens and the Familiaris Consortio into a hostage of the policy of the Curia and the religious orders.  (more...)

The Club of Rome attempt to take over the Vatican

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