Monday, December 6, 2021

Knights of Malta launch a crusade in America


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On Jan. 13, 1994 the Sovereign Military Order of Malta presented its highest honor, the Collar of the Order of Merit, to President Ronald Reagan at a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. This was the first time that an American President had been offered and accepted an award from the Knights. It was also the first visit of the Knights' Grand Master, who holds the rank of Prince and Cardinal of the Catholic Church, to the United States in the 900 years of the Order's history. The award dinner was sponsored by the American Association of the Knights of Malta, which is the oldest and largest of three associations of the Catholic branch of the Knights of Malta in the United States, headed by J. Peter Grace.

His Most Eminent Highness Fra Andrew W.N. Bertie, the new Grand Master, presented President Reagan the award, stating: "You have defended the rights of the unborn, and the importance of moral spiritual values, at great political risk to yourself. The Order of Malta was and is an aristocracy of service, and you have personified this ideal in your service as President."

Fra Bertie, who became Grand Master of the Knights last year, is the first British Grand Master since Hugh de Revel (1258-77). In his speech, Fra Bertie stressed the potential importance of the Knights of Malta establishing closer ties with the United States, as symbolized by the award to President Reagan. Informed analysts believe that Fra Bertie is attempting to play the Anglo-American "special relationship" through the Knights of Malta.

Fra Bertie's appointment was widely regarded as a special favor to Queen Elizabeth II, who reportedly used her visit to meet Pope John Paul II to help save the Knights of Malta, which various Cardinals had decided should be disbanded as an anachronism and center of Gnosticism within the Church. Fra Bertie is the son of the Earl of Lindsey and Abington, who was a broker on the London Stock Exchange.  (more...)

Knights of Malta launch a crusade in America

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