Thursday, December 2, 2021

Order of the Solar Temple: A multimillion-dollar British-run Lodge?


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On Tuesday, Oct. 4, one farm and three chalets in Switzerland went up in flames. In addition, two houses in a resort area north of Montreal, Canada were also burned down. Twenty-five bodies were found in the chalets at Granges-sur-Salvan, and 100 miles away, 23 more were found in a ritualistic position in a sophisticated underground "temple" at the farm in Cheiry near Fribourg. In Morin Heights north of Montreal, five bodies were found, including a three-month-old infant who had been stabbed in the heart. The properties all belong to members of the Order of the Solar Temple (OST). The fires were set with very sophisticated devices, either using timers or remote control connected to a telephone.

Two things about this morbid event are certain. The first is the fraud perpetrated by people like Cynthia Kisser of the Cult Awareness Network, a kidnap-for-hire gang which preys on the fear of cults, who pushed the coverup story of "mass suicide" from the get-go. Kisser tried right away to dissociate OST from the Rosicrucian Order. The second thing one can be sure of, is that the OST atrocity is not the story of an isolated bunch of weirdos in a sect. Among some of the persons who were identified in the holocaust are a senior official of the Quebec Finance Ministry, Robert Falardeau' who is listed in incorporation papers as the president of OST; a financial journalist with the Le Journal de Quebec, Joce-Lyne Grand-Maison; and the mayor of a town near Montreal, Robert Ostiguy and his wife.

(Joce-Lyne Grand-Maison was hired by Le Journal de Quebec by Serge Cote, who is now editor-in-chief. Although he has not yet been charged with anything, Cote is a self-admitted Rosicrucian, and a highly reliable source reports that he maintained for years in his own basement a room for weekly satanic rituals, equipped with a pentagram inside of a circle on the floor, candles, weird statues, and liquids in small phials.)

Several OST members are still alive. Edith and Patrick Vuamet, the wife and son of Jean Vuamet who won the downhill gold medal at the 1960 Winter Olympics in California, admitted they were both elite members of the "golden circle" of the Order of the Solar Temple sect.  (more...)

Order of the Solar Temple: A multimillion-dollar British-run Lodge?

At length:

The Magic of Death: The Suicides of the Solar Temple

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