Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Praxis: The Institute For Policy Studies' Canadian Extension


Praxis Canada subversion Rockefeller Toronto fascism financialization conspiracy

A now-defunct venture, Praxis Corporation, has achieved notoriety throughout Canada in recent weeks in connection with illegal break-ins into its Toronto headquarters in 1972, alleged to have been performed under the auspices of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). In turn, federal Supplies and Services Minister Jean-Pierre Goyer, who was Solicitor General in charge of overseeing RCMP activities at the time of the break-ins, is being attacked in the Canadian Parliament for having circulated documents to the federal cabinet during the early 1970s warning of the subversive nature of Praxis and affiliated networks, some of whom extended "into official government circles. Gouer is also being accused of having been complicit in the Praxis break-ins and of acting to suppress an investigation of same subsequent to their occurrence.

A preliminary investigation of the actual nature of the Praxis Corp. network reveals it to be the centerpiece in a broad-based, largely Rockefeller-inspired, conspiracy directed at all phases of the Canadian policy making process. Information on Praxis and associated networks gathered in Canada and gridded against the extensively documented activities of the terrorist controllers at the U.S.-based Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) both in North America and in Europe show the Praxis Corp. to be an IPS-Canadian front organization. This identification, matched in turn against known official Rockefeller policy options for Canada, allows the efficient assemblage of the complete profile of Rockefeller and allied network agencies of subversion directed at Canadian national sovereignty. Forthcoming articles will document this profile extending from the highest international round table circles into the networks operating within established institutions and outside of such institutions as "countergangs."

In the interim, as we can only suggest that former Solicitor General Goyer be questioned, not for initiating an investigation into Praxis, but for so far withholding the full nature of the Praxis network from the Canadian public.

What is Praxis?

Praxis is Canada's Institute for Policy Studies. It coordinates a machine which succeeded in establishing strongholds of Rockefeller policy influence within the institutions of Canadian federal and provincial government, universities, major political parties, press and other media, as well as achieving the establishment of synthetic political creations such as the 7,000-member Committee for an Independent Canada. This machine, together with interfaced terrorist networks, is Rockefeller's base for promoting policies of zero growth, energy conservation, deindustrialization, drug decriminalization, and corporatist restructuring of government and financial institutions against the interests of the Canadian population.  (more...)

Praxis: The Institute For Policy Studies' Canadian Extension


The Russell Sage Foundation: 70 Years Of Monetarist Subversion

If one wishes to look deeper into the University of Toronto connection, I suggest one begin with New College, Honey Sherman's alma mater:

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Praxis Corporation Toronto financialization fascism neocolonialism imperialism subversion Canada sovereignty subjugation Rockefeller

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