Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Voting With His Feet

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Chris Elston - AKA Billboard Chris – is on a mission.

The southern-B.C. resident recently toured Eastern Canada. Wherever he landed, he brandished his billboard that has messages about the dangers of medical transition. That led to dozens of conversations a day between Elston and passers-by about the gender-ideology indoctrination that’s manipulating millions of kids in Canada alone into believing medicalizing puberty is praiseworthy.

Elston is driven by the conviction that it’s his duty as a man and as the father of two daughters to be on the front line defending girls from harm.

And indeed it’s a gladitorial arena: his left arm was broken in Montreal in March when social-justice warriors swarmed him and one pummeled him with a large traffic cone. (Elston needed surgery to mend the break; the scar is still prominent on his arm.)

“The truth is, a broken bone is nothing compared to what our kids are going through,” he told one of the many reporters who interviewed him after that assault.

What Elston is referring to is the unprecedented jump in number of young people, disproportionately females, who are being diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is defined as a mismatch between one’s psychological sense of one’s gender on the one hand and one’s biological sex on the other.

Therefore most of these girls are put on puberty blockers; usually leuprolide, which is marketed using the brand name Lupron by its manufacturer, the pharma giant Abbvie. Puberty blockers are now used routinely -- despite not being approved by regulatory authorities for halting puberty (which means the use of Lupron to do this is ‘off-label’). And its safety and efficacy have not been studied very much.

Almost all these girls then go on to take high daily doses of testosterone, which in medical-speak is a ‘cross-sex hormone’ (boys who are medically transitioning take estrogen). Testosterone has not been approved for treating gender dysphoria – nor have most other drugs used by people who are medically transitioning. And its short-term and long-term effects have not been fully evaluated.

Many of these girls then voluntarily get their breasts amputated via double mastectomies. In trans parlance this is ‘masculinizing gender-affirming surgery’ or ‘top surgery.’  (more...)

Voting With His Feet

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