Friday, September 24, 2021

Justice denied in 'peaceful' death of Canada's last known Nazi


Nazi war crimes immigration deception ratlines Canada genocide evasion

Helmut Oberlander should never have been able to go gentle into that good night.

The old Nazi, who entered this country by hiding his involvement in the deadly Einsatzkommando 10a (Ek10a) mobile killing unit, should have been deported years ago to Germany. He should have ended his final days in a jail cell.

Instead, his family announced he “died peacefully” at his Waterloo-area home with his loved ones at his side — the gentle death his Holocaust victims were never afforded.

He got away with murder.

Oberlander was 97 — but was subject to a deportation order for decades. He and his lawyers just ran out the clock, filing appeal after appeal, successfully calculating that their legal wrangling would ensure the old man would die in the comfortable bosom of his adopted home.

As his lawyer Barbara Jackman predicted at yet another immigration hearing just a few weeks ago — Oberlander was never going to leave and trying to get him on that plane was futile, cruel and unfair.  (more...)

Justice denied in 'peaceful' death of Canada's last known Nazi


Moscow Regrets Oberlander Evaded Punishment – Russian Embassy in Canada

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