Monday, September 13, 2021

Masons conspire for world power: the Pike-Mazzini correspondence


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The master of Italian Freemasonry and terrorism, Giuseppe Mazzini, supposedly wrote a letter in 1870 to masonic chief and KKK founder Albert Pike. The subject: how to coordinate world freemasonry from the top. It includes these words:

"We ... must create a supreme rite, which shall remain secret, into which shall be called those masons of high degree whom we shall select. Vis-a-vis the other brothers of the masonry, we must demand utter secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we shall govern the Masonry, which will thus become the international center, all the more powerful, that its leadership shall be unknown."

The anti-Mason Margiotta wrote that this super-Masonry was in fact created, with directorates in North America, Uruguay, Naples, and Calcutta.

And Albert Pike supposedly wrote a letter to Mazzini in 1871, proposing that they provoke a "formidable social cataclysm for the purpose of conquering atheistic-Communism and Christianity by making them exterminate each other," which would lead to the desired Satanic despotism.

It is also alleged, that in 1889 Pike told higher Masons to worship Lucifer, in preference to the other God whose power balances Lucifer.

The Scottish Rite Masons themselves present these particular Mazzini and Pike formulations to the public, and deny them as forgeries. The British Museum has said carefully that "a search of the indexes of our catalogues has failed to disclose any letter in the Department [of Manuscripts] from Albert Pike to Mazzini."

Justice will one day bring us direct physical access to their archives and to any surviving incriminating writings. But we can demonstrate from their acknowledged writings and from historical facts that even if these quotes are forged, they represent exactly the thought and actions of Pike and Mazzini.  (more...)

Masons conspire for world power: the Pike-Mazzini correspondence

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