Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Forced Vaccines Are A Holocaust-Level Crime Against Humanity


My head has been spinning for a year, as I’ve tried to work out how a coordinated global fraud of such a vastness as COVID-19, involving so many different sectors and jurisdictions could’ve been pulled off.

Dr Lee Merritt joins Mike Adams to discuss the financial and regulatory forces that have been keeping most doctors from doing the right thing and morally pushing back against this patently genocidal agenda.

She explains, “There’s a pyramid, here. At the very top of the control pyramid, are the doctors who are chiefs of departments and administrative; the CEOs…of these hospitals that are taking the government money from the NIH…

“The role of Tony Fauci, here…he’s what we’d call the bagman. He takes the money that his bosses give him, like the Gates Foundation and whoever…and over his life at the NIH, Dr Fauci has distributed $800 billion, a half a trillion just for AIDS research, alone. So hospitals have become dependent on this stuff. I heard up to 80% of research institutions are NIH grants.  (more...)

Forced Vaccines Are A Holocaust-Level Crime Against Humanity

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