Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Britain’s ‘Invisible’ Empire unleashes the dogs of war


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Over the past three years, EIR has produced two blockbuster studies of the dominant evil power on this planet, the British Commonwealth/Empire, and many supporting elements of documentation. We have exposed the major battlelines in the global strategic battle before us all, between the British Imperial System, and the system of sovereign nation-states, of which the United States is the leading example. In this issue of EIR, we unravel a new set of secrets of the Empire, exposing the way in which the British Crown is using private networks—in the military, the church, and business—to carry out its objective of destroying the nation-state, and thus, to maintain its power into what it hopes will be a New Dark Age.

To get the picture, you have to start from the top down. At the top, you find the British monarchy and Privy Council, positioned as the primus inter pares of the 3-5,000 families that comprise the inner core of the Club of the Isles. While the Queen herself, contrary to myth, exercises her royal prerogative over the nations of the Commonwealth, and a network of companies, the broader grouping of families runs a set of cartels which functions as a modern-day British East India Company.

For much of the 250 years following its chartering in 1600, the East India Company served as the leading instrument of the British imperium, governing India as “private” territory, employing its own private mercenary armies, and presiding over the Opium War policy against China. The “Company” was administered by a board of stockholders, who reported to a three-man “secret committee,” who, in turn, represented the combined interests of the British Crown and the leading City of London financial interests. When circumstances required, “Company” figures, typified by the late-eighteenth-century Earl of Shelburne, would even take up posts in the British government, to ensure that the interests of the British oligarchy were always served, with hands-on precision. Shelburne held positions, first, as Colonial Secretary, and then, as prime minister, during the negotiation of the Treaty of Paris, which formally ended the American War of Independence. The presence, today, of Sir David Simon, chairman of British Petroleum and governor of the Bank of England, in the Tony Blair cabinet, is a contemporary example of the same phenomenon.  (more...)

Britain’s ‘Invisible’ Empire unleashes the dogs of war

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