Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tavistock mass murderers are brainwashing your children


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In a quiet suburb of London, sits a complex of buildings known as the Tavistock Center, devoted to the "study" of what are called "human relations." From this relatively obscure location, an invisible army of social engineers, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychological warfare experts, and brainwashers has been spawned and is deployed, which is responsible for much of the evil that has been done in the world over the last several decades. This network is behind the mass slaughters of the Bosnian and Croatian peoples in the Balkans (see EIR, Feb. 12, 1993). It was also responsible for the drug-rock-sex counterculture. And for more than last half-century, Tavistock and its global network have been behind the so-called educational reform movement whose conscious aim has been to destroy the minds of children and to tum them into docile slaves, incapable of creative and independent thought.

Founded in 1921, the Tavistock Clinic, as it was then known, has served as the psychological warfare arm of the British monarchy and has benefitted from the patronage of that monarchy and allied oligarchical networks. It has always enjoyed a close working relationship with the highest circles of Freemasonry: The current chairman of the center's board of directors is Queen Elizabeth II's cousin, the Duke of Kent, who is Grand Master of the United Grand "Mother Lodge."

Like its patrons, Tavistock and its operatives are committed to destroying western Judeo-Christian civilization. At the center of its decades-long fight is its battle to wipe out the view of man as born in the image of the Creator, in the unique sense that each individual is endowed with the potential for creative reason. The "paradigm shift" that Tavistock seeks would reduce all men to beasts, easily controllable by the oligarchy and their anointed psychological shock troops, deployed through the extended Tavistock network.  (more...)

Tavistock mass murderers are brainwashing your children

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