Friday, May 7, 2021

How to be a German Neo-Nazi Girl


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This is the story of a German girl who joined a völkisch-Aryan-Aryan legion of Neo-Nazis. This is her report after exit from Germany’s present day Neo-Nazi scene. At the tender age of just thirteen, Irma Grese (not her real name) slipped into Germany’s far-right extremists. Today Irma Grese has made her departure from Germany’s radical right. Yet she recounts her life in the Völkisch-Aryan world of today’s Germany’s Neo-Nazism, during the many years when she was actively and deeply involved in far-right groups in Germany.

Eventually Irma Grese managed to get out of the far-right world of violence, authoritarianism and strict adherence to the code of Nazism. able to escape largely because she had, during those dark decades, continued contact with what Neo-Nazis call “the outside world” – that is, Germany’s civil society. Irma Grese’s son also played a crucial role in her decision to leave the stinking swamp of Nazism behind.

Irma Grese left the far-right scene in 2008. Afraid of the vindictiveness of her old Neo-Nazi companions, only today is she willing to tell her story. For Germany’s local police as well as its secret police – the Verfassungschutz – Irma Grese’s unexpected departure was sensational news. At that time, both police forces could hardly believe their good luck, that a hard-core member of the Neo-Nazi’s inner circle left the movement. It came as a complete surprise. They wondered if she would talk and reveal the long-sought-after secrets of these extremist groups.  (more...)

How to be a German Neo-Nazi Girl

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