Monday, April 26, 2021

Ukraine Religious Front Is Also Heating Up


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The tragic persecution of the Ukrainian faithful and denial of their right to worship as they choose triggers the slightest notice or arouses the concern of “human rights” and “rule of law” advocates.

Improvised new religious systems regularly accompany hare-brained Western “nation building” schemes. Montenegro and Macedonia [now “northern,” of course] could be cited as examples. The Ukraine is no exception. The formation, beginning in 2014, of an active Ukrainian “anti-Russia,” to use Nikolay Starikov’s apt expression, could not be completed without concocting its own pseudo-ecclesiastical infrastructure...

Essentially, in the implementation of the Ukrainian religious operation the office of the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople played a key role. Going back almost a century, the patriarchal office has in the theological sense been filled by Western stooges. But in the nitty-gritty political and intelligence sense, its vassalage, encompassing a close working relationship with NATO political centers and Western special services, dates back to at least the period immediately following World War II.

That cosy relationship bore ample fruit after the Ukrainian crisis was exacerbated in the aftermath of the 2014 Maidan coup. The radical reconfiguration of the Ukraine as a NATO arsenal and forward post strategically situated on Russia’s border presupposed certain factors of social cohesion that could hold it together. One of those factors was the whipping up of extreme Ukrainian nationalism. It was given particular impetus by the massive and multigenerational influx of World War II Ukrainian Nazi collaborators and their descendants who had taken refuge in the U.S., Canada and other Western countries while waiting for their hour to strike. The other factor was the calculated intrusion of the Ecumenical Patriarch, at his curators’ behest, and after receiving a hefty bakshееsh from the Poroshenko government, into the chaotic Ukrainian religious situation.  (more...)

Ukraine Religious Front Is Also Heating Up


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