Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Days-long escape from the Banderites in Volhynia, 1943


Fr. Tadeusz Żurawski (born in 1935), survivor of the Volhynian Massacre. While fleeing with his family from the Banderites, he stopped at the village of Półbieda. A friendly Ukrainian warned them that the village was going to be attacked at night. The Poles got on carts to escape, but the Banderites attacked them near the village. They murdered defenseless civilians without mercy. Fortunately, the cart with Tadeusz Żurawski, who was a small child at the time, managed to flee and get to the forest. The family found shelter at a Polish forester’s lodge, but not for long – the Banderites were still looking for them. At night they caught Fr. Żurawski’s uncle with two small children, who were crying… The rest of the family couldn’t help their loved ones – they had no way of defending themselves against the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The next day they had to escape again, because the Banderites were close, and the surrounding villages were inhabited by Ukrainians. They decided to head for Łuck, where the Germans took Poles to a transit camp, from where the individuals fit for work were sent to the Third Reich as workforce. This fate was better than a brutal death at the hands of the Banderites.


Ukraine was to be pure like water. Volhynian Massacre

1943 Volhynia Massacre: Truth and Remembrance

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