Friday, April 16, 2021

Ukraine was to be pure like water. Volhynian Massacre


Poland Ukraine Volhynia massacre Banderites genocide crime

Fr. Tadeusz Żurawski (born in 1935), as a child he survived the Volhynian Massacre. On many occasions he miraculously avoided being killed by the Banderites. In March 1943 his mother overheard three Ukrainians talking outside their house and learned that the Banderites were planning an attack. The family escaped and reach out to the village administrator by the name of Grzyb, who agreed to put them on his family’s cart and flee the village together. They were travelling through the frozen fields, as the Ukrainian Insurgent Army was prowling the roads. They spent the first night at the house of friendly Ukrainians who hid them from the Banderites. Next, the went to the village of Półbieda, where the village administrator had a family, who welcomed them. In the morning, however, they had to leave immediately, as they received a tip from another Ukrainian that the Banderites were coming. At that time, the attacks on Poles started occurring on a large scale. In another village, where Fr. Żurawski’s uncle lived, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army bashed a baby against a fence, killing the child in front of the family.

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