Saturday, April 24, 2021

Is this the most damning evidence yet Edward VIII was a Nazi spy?


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Duke of Windsor was a staunch sympathiser, goose-stepped at a party and openly spoke about fascism as 'a good thing', new book claims

Fresh from their honeymoon, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were looking forward to the highlight of their 12-day tour of Nazi Germany: afternoon tea with Adolf Hitler.

They would be meeting him at the Berghof, his private retreat in the Bavarian Alps. At last, they thought, they would be able to thank Hitler in person for his wedding gift — an inscribed gold box.

With Nazi efficiency, police cleared the roads on October 22, 1937, for the Windsors’ motorcade. Unfortunately, this meant that Wallis and Edward arrived an hour ahead of schedule.

The Fuhrer was snoozing, and no one had the courage to interrupt his afternoon nap. The only person who might have dared to do so was his mistress, Eva Braun, but she had been sent away, under loud protest, to avoid potential royal embarrassment.

For an hour, the deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess, marked time by whisking the Duke and Duchess around local tourist spots. When they returned to the Berghof, Hitler, dressed in a brown Nazi jacket and black trousers, was finally ready to greet them at the front door.

He shook Wallis’s hand, then turned to the Duke and gave the Nazi salute. Edward reciprocated: ‘Heil Hitler.’  (more...)

Is this the most damning evidence yet Edward VIII was a Nazi spy?

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