Sunday, October 11, 2020

Lonely, muzzled and trapped: Nursing home residents describe lockdown measures


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“Lonely, depressed, muzzled and trapped.” According to a CBC article, this is how residents of Canadian nursing homes describe the lockdown measures that were imposed upon them earlier this year.

The article is quoting a video conference by Ontario’s Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission — yet they do not provide a link to the source material. I attempted to find this video on the government website, but got lost in transcripts of doctors debating how to get residents with dementia to social distance.

The CBC article, however, quotes shocking testimonials: “Now when I see these dog cages on TV for stray animals, I see myself as one of these neglected, filthy and starving-for-love-and-affection little critters,” said Virginia Parraga, who lives in a long-term care home in Toronto. “I now weep for our human race and mankind.”

Sadly, the CBC is peddling the story that turning nursing homes into Gulags was an unavoidable evil in response to COVID-19: “The novel coronavirus ripped through the province’s long-term care homes, overwhelming the system and killing more than 1,900 residents, as of Thursday.”

Yet, the Canadian Armed Forces, back in May, pointed to more obvious reasons for the high death count: “Significant gross fecal contamination was noted in numerous patient rooms,” was one of many observations made in their report into the state of five Ontario long-term care homes. “Nearly a dozen incidents of bleeding fungal infections… [Feeding tubes] not being changed in so long the contents had become foul.”  (more...)

Lonely, muzzled and trapped: Nursing home residents describe lockdown measures

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