Thursday, October 8, 2020

CIA and freemasons among dark forces in Europe


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...Firstly, the material presented demonstrates that concern for one’s personal safety when querying official explanations for any past mafia-related death is symptomatic of common-sense rather than paranoia.  This is particularly true given the apparent public distance between the institution and myself.  When the circumstances of the “suicide” in London of Roberto Calvi were officially re-examined, several years after the event, the British authorities were careful to minimise the exposure to risk of all those involved in the re-examination.  

 Secondly, evidence is presented of the penetration by freemasonry of the European institutions, and Member State administrations; and accounts of the consequential corruption in France, Belgium and Italy. 

 Thirdly, historical evidence is presented of the key role played by the United States, and its intelligence community in particular, in the post-war formation of the “Europe Community”.  As the leading historian (in English) has concluded, “Viewed from Europe, the most striking aspect… is the extent to which officials working for European reconstruction and unification shared the experience of wartime intelligence, special operations and resistance.  European unity had taken root in wartime resistance movements.  These links with clandestine organisations continued into the post-war period.  The emerging European Economic Community and the growing Western intelligence community overlapped to a considerable degree.”

 Fourthly, evidence is presented of more recent CIA intervention in domestic Italian politics; of the Agency’s role with regard to the P2 masonic lodge; and of the lodge’s associated criminal and terrorist activities.

 Fifthly, evidence is presented of contemporary CIA spying on the European Institutions.  (more...)

CIA and freemasons among dark forces in Europe

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