Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Masonic Conspiracy To Usher In A Global Revolution Of Nationalism, Slaughter And Chaos


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Over the years of reading current events, one of the strangest patterns that we have seen are the numerous situations in which a group of very violent and reactionary people identify as Templars and Freemasons. We are not speaking here about the average Mason who goes to the Lodge as a country club, but a type of Mason who, being reactionary, identifies with the Templar Knights and forms a secret society while partaking in torch light rituals and planning for revolution and bloodshed. These groups come under the guise of not just any Christianity, but as a movement with a face of traditionalism that comes disguised as combative for God, tradition and order. With this face of piety and martial will, they end up doing the very things they claim to be against, and that is the slaughter of the innocent. Christ warned us about this: “Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.” (John 16:2) The tyranny that is coming will not have a face of liberalism, but a Christian face. Here Christ warned us of Fascism, or the pursuit of tyranny under the pretext of returning to a glory day of religion and godliness

We have seen this numerous times in our own era. In Mexico, a violent cult calling itself the Knights Templars (Caballeros Templarios), and led by a religious leader named Nazario Moreno who studied Freemasonry, took over the state of Michoacan in the name of purifying the country for God, only to slaughter thousands of people, direct a major industry of human sex trafficking, indulge in ritual cannibalism and become a narco cult worth billions of dollars. In Germany, in the year 2018, a National Socialist paramilitary was uncovered to have been organizing a revolution in which they would slaughter the politicians and the journalists who are anti-fascist and ‘purify’ Germany for their National Socialist cause. The leader of the group, “Andre S.”, was a Mason who recruited other Masons to follow him. There are numerous examples like this which we will delve in here.  (more...)

The Masonic Conspiracy To Usher In A Global Revolution Of Nationalism, Slaughter And Chaos


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