Thursday, October 1, 2020

Conspiracy To Create A Muslim Nazi Empire And Destroy All Of Christianity


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Armenian Genocide

In this absolute bombshell, you get to watch an American ‘conservative’ leading activist suggest that some hotel in Turkey has become the new Builderberger Hotel. His remarks are not the conspiracy theories you’re used to reading about some shadowy world government looking to impose its will across the globe. Here you will get to watch two teams, the neo-Ottoman think-tanks on the one side and think-tanks from major western Conservative Movements on the other side, setting up camp in Turkey to cooperate fighting against what they term as “political correctness” that overshadows the positive Nazi history, how to make the West palatable to accept Eugenics, grand genocide, and how the West should partner with the neo-Ottoman goals.

You might think that this is an insane proposition, but at this new ‘Builderberger Hotel’, the Karia Princess Hotel in Bodrum Turkey, major players set up camp at the Property and Freedom Society to be the medium to accomplish these endeavors. While we were able to glean much from their conferences, there is more than meets the eye. This is an obscure entity, a ‘society’ just as their name says: ‘Property and Freedom Society’, an organization formed for a particular purpose; to make taboos like Nazism fashionable throughout the West.

Regarding this obscure “Society,” it says that the purpose of the organization was to promote “radicality” against “political correctness”. This obscure society is as they state an “illustrious society” to “enable a discourse in uncompromising intellectual radicality”. By “Radicality” they mean the “ignoring of all boundaries and taboos”.  (more...)

Conspiracy Being Done By Extremely Powerful And Wealthy Globalist Elites To Create A Muslim Nazi Empire And Destroy All Of Christianity

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