Sunday, July 26, 2020

Long History of Ukrainian-Canadian Groups Glorifying Nazi Collaborators Exposed by Defacing of Oakville Memorial

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News broke on July 17 that a war memorial honouring Ukrainian Nazis who served with the German SS recently had the phrase “Nazi war memorial” painted on it. These Nazis were part of the openly fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, in the 14th Volunteer Waffen-SS Grenadier Division (the Galicia Division). The Wiesenthal Center’s Canadian representative, Sol Littman, explained that this SS division largely comprised Ukrainians who served with Nazi police battalions and death squads.

They committed many massacres and crimes against humanity, including the Huta Pieniacka murder of 850 to 900 citizens of Polish descent. The Halton Regional Police were originally investigating the incident as a “hate crime,” but were forced to change the description of the incident to “vandalism.”

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists was founded in 1929. Its fascist and openly anti-Semitic ideology was that Jews and Russian-speaking citizens must be removed from Ukrainian society at any cost. They enthusiastically collaborated with Nazi Germany in the 1940s to exterminate Jews, Russians, and anyone who attempted to protect them. The OUN was only forced out of Ukraine after the USSR took control of the country, upon the end of the Second World War.

The Ukrainian fascists found new homes in Canada, where the ideology of anti-communism was extremely potent. Peter Vronsky, a former documentary Director at the National Film board revealed that:
“a little known US-financed group in Canada called the “Canadian Christian Council for the Resettlement of Refugees” privately lobbied the Canadian government in the 1950s to admit former Nazi Waffen-SS ‘foreign legion volunteers’ like the Moslem Bosnian-Albanian Nazi SS troopers, Ukrainian SS volunteers, and others, to come to Sudbury wholesale to work in the mines.”  (more...)

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